350 Legend in AR-15 16″ 6lbs less recoil and quieter than a 450 bushmaster


Johnson Guns N More AR-15 model, 16″ barrel, 14″ hand guard, All Black, MagPul collapsible butt-stock and pistol grip.

Standard trigger system of 8lb but 4.5-3 lb trigger groups are available.

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350 Legend was introduced by Winchester in early 2019 as the fastest strait wall ammo on the market.  After getting my hands on some ammo and the specs there was no question I needed to build one in the Johnson Guns N More AR platform.  Since this new caliber was designed to fit in an AR platform and so address 2 issues with the 450 bushmaster. #1 When shooting the 450 bushmaster is loud, 350 legend is much quieter.  #2 450 bushmaster has a heavy recoil and adding a recoil reducer just make the gun much louder.  The 350 legend is quiter and has under half the recoil of the 450 bushmaster.

Ammo for the 350 Legend is under $10.00/box of 20 FMJ and under $16.50/box of 20 for hunting rounds.  450 bushmaster is over $23.00 for a box of 20 to over $30.00/box of 20 so the ammo cost is under half.  Winchester and Hornady are making ammo and is readily available in a variety of bullet weights.


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